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Warm To The Touch

I believe you'll comfort me, when it's time to go
Like the sweet, old melodies on the radio
When as a boy of seventeen I fell into your hands
And I believed in love

I had the right to sing the blues, but only now and then
I didn't have to much to lose - I didn't know it then
Runnin' down the summer days, I wore the feelings out
But I believed in love

You can have freedom
You can have faith
Burn down the mansions of time and of space
Ask for forgiveness
Leave the past behind
Have hope for the future
And better your mind
But I believe
Yes, I believe--
That love makes us warm to the touch

Believe in love
Believe in love
Believe in love
Warm to the touch

from the album Time of Light by Tied To The Stone,
Words & Music by Dan Worley

Dan Worley - Acoustic guitar & vocal
Carolyn Wing Greenlee - Background vocals
Peter Wilson - Electric guitar
Dale Enstrom - B-3 organ
Dale Billester - Bass
Rob Watson - Drums

(P) 2008 Earthen Vessel Productions. All rights reserved

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