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(Things Could Have Been Worse)

Two days out I sang her to sleep
No food in her stomach, no blankets for heat
Two days later I buried her dead
Along with the locket Kalia had kept
It said, "Don't worry... things could be worse"

Kalia was seven, she lived in the dirt
Her parents were dead, her brother couldn't work
She starved her whole, tiny, little life
But those eyes kept shining, there was somethin' that was right
And I suppose things could have been worse.

We carried her body up to the hill
'Round back the mission, there's graves there to fill
The man there said she's only skin and bone
Look out for creatures that won't leave her alone
I suppose things could have been worse.

Thousands more (millions, really) are just as she was
Decimated by famine and no love
So go ahead, baby, sip your white wine
Drive off in your Limo and have a good time
'Cause I suppose things could have been worse

from the album Time of Light by Tied To The Stone
Words and Music by Dan Worley

Dan Worley - Acoustic guitar & vocal
Dale Billester - Bass

(P) 2008 Earthen Vessel Productions. All rights reserved

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