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In The Night

In the night so cold and lonely
In the night so dark so old
I believe that You're there with me
Watching the towers of my soul

Though the past remains to haunt me
With its demons, ghosts and fears
I believe You've gone before me
and someday all will disappear

And now I'm waiting for You - dawn from heaven
Each day Your mercies are new - songs from heaven

In the soil of real and imagined
Grow the flowers of what we believe
In the sleep of my life's garden
I dreamt the Son was shining on me
I felt the Son shining on me
I know the Son was shining on me

from the album Time of Light by Tied To The Stone
Words and Music by Dan Worley & Carolyn Wing Greenlee

Dan Worley - Piano & vocal
Carolyn Wing Greenlee - Harmony

(P) 2008 Earthen Vessel Productions. All rights reserved

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